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T-Mobile vs Virgin Mobile

Posted by Kitty


When I saw the Virgin mobile $25/300 mins, unlimited text/web deal was about to increase to $35 on July 20th. I decided to check out what kind of phones they have to offer us. Dazza and I wanted to replace our iPhones for a while now. Kerry is still loving his iPhone 4 manufacture unlocked that he got from Canada. He basically can do everything he wants without any restrictions. But for Dazza and I, we are stuck and have to jailbreak/unlock the iPhones each time we upgrade.

So… We have been testing the Motorola Triumph and locked into the $25/month plan, if we don’t like it or for any reason at all, we can return it within 14 days and go back to T-Mobile. By switching to Virgin, we are saving $50 a month on the phone bill. Hello. It’s a no-brainer! But the real question is, how does it compare to the iPhone? Before we got the iPhone, we tested every phone in the market and returned every single one of them. We went from Centro > HTC > Google > iPhone.

I must admit, even though it does things differently than the iPhone I’m don’t have anything to complain about. I know at some point, I was going to get on a cheaper phone plan and use the iPad2 like a big iPhone :)

We have 2 weeks to decided…

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