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Meet Keiko

Posted by Kitty

Meet Keiko

Originally uploaded by badkittyx2

We got her from a nearby neighborhood, she’s from a litter of 10. The
family can’t keep all of them and decided to find good families for
the kittens.

After a week without a name and since we can’t agree on a name, finally I
told Kerry to help find her a name LOL. Kerry got a perfect name for
her… Keiko is her name, it’s Japanese for “glad” or “hopeful”. We
are glad to have her in our family and hopefully she will be
happy in our home.

She loves to cuddle and purrs like a moped hehee.

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  1. OOOH she is soooo beautiful. I am not allowed to have a cat because we go away tooo much.

    My only pet is on my Nintendo DS ( pretty sad) but she loves me.

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