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Warehouse Expansion

Posted by Kitty

We are moving to a warehouse that has two available units side-by-side! this will double our current space! Thanks to BIll, Karen and Kathy, we have already started moving our stock over to the new warehouse!

This Saturday, Mike, Steve and Ken will help us move the rest of it. If you are available and want to burn a few calories, please come help us!

I’m so excited about the new space, we will finally have a dedicated room for my workshops! Woohoooo, in addition we will open on the first saturday of every month, this will give the local soapers a chance to come pick up their supplies or take a class ;)

Warehouse pictures

btw, it’s Kezza’s birthday today… Happy birthday my sweet hubby.. muuuuuaaaaa

2 Responses to “Warehouse Expansion”

  1. OMG dude!! congratulations!! i’m so proud of how much you’ve done w/KB! Both of you.

    Happy Birthday, Kezza!!

  2. Hi Rosi!

    Thanks!! you know we work our butts off too, don’t ya lol… Will you be in the neighborhood to help us move all those boxes?

    Know anyone in the area looking for a job? we have 2 positions open to help us grow and grow some more :)


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