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New Look and Features

Posted by Kitty

Finally I broke down and learned and read all that I can about wordpress which is what I use for this blog! The theme has been updated to connection by vanilla Mist, beautiful theme and from what I read pretty easy to work with even for a newbie like me.

It’s been long over due that I not rely on others to keep my sites updated, this is definitely a great step forward. I may not know how to code, but I know enough html coding to get me by :)!

I’ve seen mybloglog on other sites and have always wanted to put that on my blog… so I downloaded mybloglog widget for this blog, if you have been living under a rock lmao… This is how it works, it logs all my visitors and if you are also a member of mybloglog, it puts a picture from your profile under the ‘recent visitor’ section on my sidebar. You can also join my community as well! so, go on… sign up as a member and put that cool mybloglog on your site!! This helps people find new blogs and make new friends!

There are several things I still have to work out, like the picture banner above, I want to change it to something else and also make the page wider… can anyone point me to the right place to look?

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  1. That’s my ferst visit in your Blog space and i like it, good luck for next;)

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