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Baby Turtles

Posted by Kitty

We stopped in Chinatown 2 weekends ago and there was a fare going on, vendors were there to sell all kinds of different products from clothes to jewelries to tea pots and…. BABY TURTLES!!

When I was younger, I too had a pet turtle my father bought for all of us. All I remember was it was a tiny little turtle, we had to feed it lettuce leaves, not sure whatever happened to our pet turtles.

Dazza completely fell in love with them, they are the most adorable little things! here they are taking a bath, they seem to be happy in their new home. One is definitely a female, because she was bullying the other one around hehee.


turtle2.jpg turtle.jpg

36 Responses to “Baby Turtles”

  1. What kind of turtles are they i found one and we are not sure what kind they are.

  2. me again i was wandering why it wouldnt come out of its shell

  3. Hi Michael,

    Sorry that I didn’t see your comments before, they went into the spam folder.

    These are called Red Ear Slider Turtles, they come out of their shells all the day and swim around.

  4. I bought two turtles this weekend when i went to china town and I dont know what kind they are?

  5. Hi Gabby,

    If your turtles look exactly like mine, they are called Red Ear Slider turtles :)

    Do you have pictures of them?


  6. are the red eared slider turtles banned in australia

  7. Hi Luke,

    I’m not too sure if it is, ask a pet shop owner he should be able to tell you :)

  8. These turtles are illegal in the U.S. because they carry Salmonella with a fecal carriage rate as high as 90% The red eared slider carries Salmonella Paratyphi B variation and can cause some pretty nasty GI upset in people. Be careful when touching these turtles and make sure you wash your hands before touching your mouth.

  9. hi! i have thes tirtels! thay are the best! i need to no haw to tell the gender tho!

  10. can u plzz tell me the name of these turtles i really want to know information abt these turtles bcoz i alredy have got two baby turtles so i want to know that how can i care and feed them.

  11. what kind of a turtles they are actually i found two baby turtles same as in this pictures so i juct i want to know abt there feed and care and more
    plzzz give me some information abt these


    here is a website where you can read all about the turtles and important stuff like how to take care of them.

  13. Hey hailey,
    I have 4 Red Eared Slider Turtles. The way to tell the gender is the male turtles have long nails and the females have short nails. Also the female bellys have a indent where the belly button should be. Hope that helps you out.

  14. is a baby turtle suite able for a class pet?

  15. i need to tell the diffrence of a girl and a boy

  16. Hi! I have 2 Red Eared Slider Turtles, but I do not know what kind of water they need for surviving, do they need fresh water, or sea water? Thank you for your answer.

  17. Those are red-eared sliders. They can grow to be 6-12″ long in a few years. They DO NOT grow to the size of their container. A good rule of thumb is 10 gallons of tank per inch of turtle, so a 6″ turtle should have at least a 55 gallon tank. If kept together, whey they get about 6″, they might start fighting if the tank is too small. They can live to be 20-60 yrs old with proper care. At about 4″ long, you can tell males from females - males get long front nails and a longer, thicker tail. It’s illegal to sell a turtle under 4″ to the public - thousands of these turtles end up in rescues because of illegal sells and the seller giving bad information. Check if you want to adopt one or see how many come up for adoption. If you wanted to report the sale of baby turtles, you can find a phone number here:
    If you want to learn more about pet turtles, try

  18. Those are red-eared sliders. You won’t be able to tell if they’re male or female until they’re about 4″ long. Males will get really long front nails. (You can’t tell from the bottom shell because totally aquatic turtles don’t have the indentation in the bottom shell.) It’s illegal to SELL baby turtles in alll 50 states. And they get to be 6-12″ in a few years, so you’ll need at least a 75 gallon tank for one. Males stay smaller.
    Visit if you want to learn more about them. There are also many for adoption at

  19. well i wanted to know if red eared slider turtles are banned from atlanta georgiabecause the are really cute and i want some

  20. Awh, The one at the very top looks like my turtles twin! :D
    Haha. Man they’re all so cute.


  21. Yeah one question… For now.
    How big do these turtles get.
    Because mine is so cutee:]
    And i dont know how big it gets.

    Just help me out:D

  22. my turtle layed eggs they dried up cause they were layed in water so we put them in a box of sand she is a african side neck turtle should we of left the eggs in the water becuase she kept uncovering them so they dried up

  23. u put it in fresh water.i have one just like yours.change the water every day

  24. I’m pretty sure i have a red eared slider turtle. Im not quite sure exactly what to do with it. How much water should it have in its tank? i have a lamp for it. It is just a baby though. What should i do???

  25. Hi,
    I had a red eared slider which looks exactly the same as shown in the picture…Recently it died and I am not able to find the reason …We loved it too much.

    Well,we used to keep it with a goldfish,in a decent tank with proper filter..recently tank light stopped working and so we just raised the temperature to 26-30 degrees c.It was fine until yesterday and I used to feed him only once a day…the turtle food…we used to soak its food near its basking place.yesterday it was a lil cold and I raised temperature till 30 degree c,I gave him food which was a lil more than usual but it ate it all…so I was fine coz it was swimming in the tank and did not show me any suspicious symptoms.I saw a bubble on its eyes which it did not resist or break so I shook it and removed the bubble.I saw my turtle after an hour or so and it was fine…later in evening when I saw it before sleeping I found out that it was not moving…my turtle was very active and used to move as soon as we touch or see it.It was too shy.I still kept it in the tank in the hope that it will start swimming as usual but it didnt…at this point it was not stiff,we kept a watch and it didnt do anything…it was stiff and later we didnt know what to do as its eyes sunked and its body was stiff.I took it to a pond near my house and respectfully let its body float in the water.I have no courage to keep another turtle coz I dont want to get hurt if it dies again.Can someone plz tell what might have gone wrong.
    I thought maybe diet ..but I am giving it this diet for quite sometime and the temperature is also ok…even I cleaned the temperature 3 days before.Please answer my query and help me find the answer .
    I miss it tooooo much!!! I need to know what went wrong ;(

  26. are the red eared slider turtles banned in india

  27. I wanted to know what kind of turtle I have. It does not have red ears like the one in the above picture but it has everything else in common. I really like to know how to feed it and care for it.

  28. I recently had a baby red eared slider but I heard that they usually have sammonella so I had to let him go back in the lake after 2 weeks of having him its been 4 days since I’ve let him go and I still miss him :(

  29. Yeah…I think.Fresh water and sea turtles are banned.Though I have seen many turtles at places in my native in Rajasthan and they are old.I do not have much info though…I still miss my red ear slider ;(

  30. Thanks for the help

  31. The turtles are not banned in general they are banned if they are sold under the size of 4 inches because they carry salmonella they say if the turtle is under that size a child can put it in ther mouth.

  32. I have a red slider named $nappy D.&we love hime to pieces. He’s been a part of our family 4 about 5yrs. At 1st i didnt think much of him bcus he wasnt mine to begin with. Actually we had 2calld to be exact but the other 1 died bout 3yrs ago why im not sure anyhow my younger sisters both had 1calld and kinda ditchd em on me &my 5yr old daughtr (shes 10 now &i totally attachd to him) &they wer sooo little and cute and before i knew it they wer always ther…until Donatelo died anyhow snappy is a gr8 pet a lil fiesty but he’s tha coolest turtle on earth plus he even responds 2our voices who’d of thought a “turtle” would b sucha

  33. hi! i just got two little turtles from my friend…and they have the same shell as your turtles, but they have no red on there heads… :/ …have any ideas what they would be?

  34. I had a baby turtle for a pet when I was a child. I wonder what happened to it. Anyway, your post made me remember him or her.

  35. I have three Yellow Belly Sliders and the babys wont eat, what do i do?

  36. These turtles are illegal to have, they aren’t supposed to be sold because they are to small, they need to be at least the side of a palm to sell. I had one also and it died, only because the tank they give me at this flea market, is not the best environment for them. They need a tank of water with a floating rock on top so they can get some light from the sun light lamp that has to be bought also. Because they eat sea food they need dry mini shrimp and vitamins to grow.
    *sun light lamp
    *dry mini shrimp
    *turtle vitamins
    *floating rock
    *and maybe another turtle to keep the other company.
    ***if any questions contact me because after my baby turtle died i have done so much research and i will help you***

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